Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let's hope it does not rain

ESPN Chicago is reporting that the Bears are in the process of re-sodding Soldier Field. Bears' running back Matt Forte is concerned enough that he discussed the situation on radio station ESPN 1000.

Fans of the Steelers have their own special memories of how re-sodding projects can go horribly wrong. On Monday, November 24, 2007 the Steelers hosted the Miami Dolphins at Heinz Field. A driving rainstorm left the recently re-sodded surface a quagmire ~ who can forget the kicked ball sticking into the ground nose first? ~ with the Steelers winning 3-0 on a late field goal by Jeff Reed.

Current weather forecasts predict sunny weather for the Chicagoland area throughout the weekend, with rain moving in Monday evening. Let's hope the rain holds off at least that long.

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