Thursday, October 22, 2009

Minnesota v. Steelers: The Weekly Matchup

If the numbers never lie then this game is going to be very close ~ for all the hype the Vikings defense is getting their numbers are fairly pedestrian. But there is no denying that the Minnesota offense if operating at a highly effective level.

Also worth noting is the ineffectiveness of the Steelers' punt return unit. For all the excitement that Stefan Logan generated during the summer it does not appear to have translated into much since the regular season began.

Minnesota Offense v. Steelers Defense
Average total yards per game: Minnesota offense 14th (348.2) v. Steelers defense 3rd (275.2)

Average net rushing yards per game: Minnesota offense 9th (125.0) v. Steelers defense 2nd (74.5)

Average net passing yards per game: Minnesota offense 13th (223.2) v. Steelers defense 12th (200.7)

Average points per game: Minnesota offense 2nd (31.5) v. Steelers defense 11th (18.67)

Steelers Offense v. Minnesota Defense
Average total yards per game: Steelers offense 5th (403.7) v. Minnesota defense 18th (341.8)

Average net rushing yards per game: Steelers offense 15th (107.0) v. Minnesota defense 9th (93.5)

Average net passing yards per game: Steelers offense 2nd (296.7) v. Minnesota defense 24th (248.3)

Average points per game: Steelers offense: 14th (23.33) v. Minnesota defense 18th (20.17)

Special Teams
Average yards per punt return: Minnesota 4th (13.1) v. Steelers 22nd (6.4)

Average yards allowed per punt return: Minnesota 13th (7.8) v. Steelers 11th (7.7)

Average yards per kick return: Minnesota 5th (25.9) v. Steelers 7th (25.1)

Average yards allowed per kick return: Minnesota 9th (21.3) v. Steelers 16th (22.9)

Net yardage punting average: Minnesota 15th (38.2) v. Steelers 9th (40.2)

Opponent net yardage punting average: Minnesota 10th (37.1) v. Steelers 27th (40.6)

Turnover differential: Minnesota 3rd (+8) v. Steelers 14th (-4)

Time of possession: Minnesota 7th (31:29) v. Steelers 4th (33:52)

Red Zone touchdown efficiency (touchdowns): Minnesota 1st (65.2%) v. Steelers 2nd (65.0%)

Red Zone defense (touchdowns): Minnesota 2nd (33.3%) v. Steelers 24th (58.3%)

Sacks allowed: Minnesota 21st (14) v. Steelers 24th (16)

Some Individual Numbers
NFC passer rating: Brett Favre, 2nd (109.5) v. AFC passer rating Ben Roethlisberger, 2nd (104.5)

NFC leading rushers: Adrian Peterson, 1st (624 yards) v. AFC leading rushers: Rashard Mendenhall, 8th (349 yards)

NFC leading receivers: Sidney Rice, 16th (23 catches, 409 yards, 17.78 per catch, 2 touchdowns) v. AFC leading receivers: Hines Ward, 1st (41 catches, 599 yards, 14.61 yards per catch, 2 touchdowns)

NFC sack Leaders: Jared Allen, 1st (7.5) v. AFC sack leaders: James Harrison, 2nd (6.0)

NFC interception Leaders: Chad Greenway (OLB) & Cedric Griffin (CB), 4th (tie) 2 each, 0 touchdowns v. Troy Polamalu, 2nd (tie) 2, 0 touchdowns

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