Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Concussion Research
Moving in a Better Direction

The state of the health and well-being of those who play, and have played, in the National Football League has been an abiding concern of this little blog. The league's stance as recently as last season ~ i.e. that more research was required before making any determinations ~ reminded many of the tobacco companies (1960-1990).

Now comes word that the league is shaking things up.

Whether the departure of doctors Ira Casson and Dr. David Viano will result in fundamental changes to the work of the league's committee on brain injuries, or if they are being sacrificed for some other reason, remains to be seen. The reality is that other respected scientists have all but decided that collisions between large, fast moving individuals are indeed harmful to the long-term health of those individuals.

The league would do well to treat this as a decided issue and turn its attention to both the enhanced safety of current players and the long-term care of those who played the game and are now suffering because of that participation.