Friday, January 22, 2010

Late round answer at fullback?

Anyone who has read this blog with any regularity knows of my love for UCLA. Additionally, any one who has been a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers is also aware that many of the players coming out of America's finest university have not fared well with the Black & Gold (Norm Johnson and Travis Kirschke not withstanding; think Danny Farmer, Kris Farris, and Bruce Davis). However, the Bruins may be able to supply the Steelers with an answer at fullback.

Ryan Moya was a terrific player for three years at UCLA, and is participating in this weekend's East-West Shrine game. The Sporting News has had folks there to watch the practices all week, and in Friday's online edition this is what they had to say about Mr. Moya:
He really stood out in midweek practice, catching the ball extremely well and running very smooth routes. He made several tough catches and demonstrated that he is also capable of contributing as an H-back or tight end at the next level.
I can tell you, from having watched him play, that he is also a good blocker and powerful inside runner (especially in short yardage situations).

Kevin Colbert and his team missed out on Matt Ware in last year's draft (he ended up in New England); so let's up they take good notice of this talented and versatile fullback.

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