Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Passing Thought: Free Agency

Let me preface this brief comment with the admission that I know that what I am about to propose will never come to pass.

In reviewing a list of NFL free agents I came across the name of one particular player who would look especially good in Black and Gold.

He is a Pittsburgh native who works in the shadows of a couple of higher profile teammates who play the same position, but this player's versatility is amazing; and the fact that he performed amazingly well against the Steelers about a year ago makes him someone I remember vividly.

Steve Breaston, come on down!

With Hines Ward nearing the end of his career wouldn't it be lovely to see Mr. Breaston lining in the slot with Santonio Holmes wide on one side and Mike Wallace wide on the other? Or perhaps returning punts and kicks? The possibilities are amazing.

That Mr. Breaston will garner a contract much more lucrative than the Steelers would/could pay is of little doubt; and with an uncapped year looming large for the 2011 season one can only speculate as to what that will do to the movement of players.

But one can dream, can't one?

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