Monday, April 12, 2010

Color me doubtful: Update

Now you can just color me stunned.

In this new context, i.e. cutting Santonio Holmes versus getting something, the deal with the New York Jets looks terrific; and (as alluded to in Ed Bouchette's piece for the Post-Gazette) places the signing and re-signing of wide receivers during the offseason in an entirely different context. Additionally, one can only wonder if wide receiver is now part of the mix for the Steelers' draft strategy.

One last thing: Limas Sweed is the luckiest guy on the face of the earth.

Original Post
I love the work that Pro Football Talk does (not to mention John Clayton of ESPN who reportedly confirmed the story), and a trade of Santanio Holmes is hardly beyond the realms of possibility, but a fifth-round pick for a first-round talent? Yes, the Steelers could be trying to send a message ~ i.e. that nobody is untouchable ~ to their quarterback but why in the world would the Rooney family (for a move like this is no "football move") simply dump such a talented player in the street?

Dealing Mr. Holmes is one thing, but discounting his value so steeply would just be bad business.

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