Saturday, February 05, 2011

Roger Goodell knows you

It has bee said on this site, on several different occasions, that we do not buy into the conspiracy theories (i.e. the league is out to get the Steelers). But the seemingly mean-spirited, ill-timed comments by Roger Goodell regarding Ben Roethlisberger left us wondering.

On Friday a member of the press corps stepped-up and asked the commissioner about his feelings for the Steelers. With thanks to the National Football League here is a transcript of the question and the commissioner's answer:

Q: A Steelers player on Tuesday at Media Day said that his ultimate scenario for Sunday would be to see you have to hand the MVP trophy to either James Harrison or Ben Roethlisberger and have to “eat humble pie like you never have before.” How would you feel about having to give that trophy to them? And to answer an opinion that has been voiced on a number of occasions at Pittsburgh, a lot of Pittsburgh fans are saying it’s a bigger deal to see you have to do that than even beat the Packers – that beating you is a bigger deal than beating the Packers.
A: “I know Steelers fans; I don’t buy that. Listen, I would be happy – if the Pittsburgh Steelers win, I would be more than happy to hand the MVP trophy off to Ben Roethlisberger or James Harrison. They’ve had extraordinary years, and I think it’s great for the game of football. I think it’s great for them as individuals and I hope they will have terrific games on Sunday. I can’t root for anybody, but whoever gets up to that stage, I’ll be proud to hand the trophy off to, I promise you that.”

We will have more on the manner in which the Steelers ~ the players and organization ~ have been treated this season next week, but this assumption that Roger Goodell has made, that he understands Steelers fans, is symptomatic of the arrogance emanating from NFL headquarters.

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