Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aren't we presuming a lot?

The National Football League released the opponents and dates for the 2011 Preseason schedule; the pesky work stoppage issue not withstanding.

Here are the teams the Steelers will face and the dates they will play. Times and actual dates were released by the team this morning.

August 12, 7:30PM EDT : Steelers @ Washington
August 18, 8:00PM EDT: Philadelphia vs. Steelers (8:00PM)
August 27, 7:30PM EDT: Atlanta vs. Steelers
September 1, 8:00PM EDT: Steelers @ Carolina

In another piece of scheduling news, multiple outlets are now reporting that the London game will be the Bears vs. Bucs. Early rumors were that the Cardinals and Steelers were believed to be the teams for that game.