Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free agency, category one

Free agency negotiations are underway, and understanding the intricacies of NFL free agency is vital to understanding the process.  For example, free agency is not the same for all free agents.  There are six categories of free agents, and in our continuing effort to give you all the information we will break the free agents down by those categories.

The first group of free agents, category one, are those "Restricted Free Agents who received Qualifying Offers from their Old Clubs and are subject to the First Refusal/Compensation system of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement."  In other words, to sign these free agents the signing team would have to provide compensation to the former team (in some cases the current team has made an offer which provides them with a right of first refusal but no compensatory pick):

Here is each team's category one free agents (name, position, college, and compensatory pick):

Dixon, Dennis, QB, Oregon, 5th round pick

Hills, Tony, T, Texas, 4th round pick

Doucet, Early, WR, Louisiana State, 3rd round pick

Hightower, Tim, RB, Richmond, 2nd round pick

Keith, Brandon, T, Northern Iowa, 2nd round pick

Grimes, Brent, DB, Shippensburg, 1st round pick

Weems, Eric, WR, Bethune-Cookman, 2nd round pick

Cousins, Oniel, T, Texas-El Paso, 3rd round pick

Gooden, Tavares, LB, Miami, 3rd round pick

McClain, Jameel, LB, Syracuse, 2nd round pick

Nakamura, Haruki, DB, Cincinnati, 6th round pick

Parmele, Jalen, RB, Toledo, 6th round pick

Smith, Marcus, WR, New Mexico, 4th round pick

Talavou, Kelly, NT, Utah, No compensation

Zbikowski, Tom, DB, Notre Dame, 3rd round pick

Chandler, Scott, TE, Iowa, 4th round pick

Clowney, David, WR, Virginia Tech, 5th round pick

Jansen, J.J., LS, Notre Dame, No compensation

Senn, Jordan, LB, Portland State, No compensation

Hanie, Caleb, QB, Colorado State, No compensation

Cook, Kyle, C, Michigan State, 2nd round pick

Livings, Nate, G, Louisiana State, No compensation

Palmer, Jordan, QB, Texas-El Paso, 6th round pick

Roland, Dennis, T, Georgia, No compensation

Moore, Evan, TE, Stanford, 2nd round pick

Ball, Alan, DB, Illinois, 7th round pick

Prater, Matt, K, Central Florida, 2nd round pick

Woodyard, Wesley, LB, Kentucky, 2nd round pick

Avril, Cliff, DE, Purdue, 1st round pick

Felton, Jerome, RB, Furman, 5th round pick

Fluellen, Andre, DT, Florida State, 3rd round pick

Brisiel, Mike, G, Colorado State, 2nd round pick

Foster, Eric, DE, Rutgers, 2nd round pick

Kansas City
Carr, Brandon, DB, Grand Valley State, 1st round pick

Cox, Mike, RB, Georgia Tech, No compensation

Gilberry, Wallace, DE, Alabama, 2nd round choice

Richardson, Barry, T, Clemson, 2nd round choice

Garner, Nate, T, Arkansas, 2nd round choice

Abdullah, Husain, DB, Washington State, 2nd round choice

Henderson, Erin, LB, Maryland, No compensation

New England
Green-Ellis, BenJarvus, RB, Mississippi, 2nd round choice

New Orleans
Nicks, Carl, G, Nebraska, 1st round choice

N.Y. Jets
Turner, Robert, C, New Mexico, No compensation

Bush, Michael, RB, Louisville, 1st round pick

St. Louis
Chamberlain, Chris, LB, Tulsa, 7th round pick

Foster, Renardo, T, Louisville, No compensation

Greco, John, G, Toledo, 3rd round pick

Vobora, David, LB, Idaho, 7th round pick

San Diego
Applewhite, Antwan, LB, San Diego State, 2nd round pick

Tolbert, Mike, RB, Coastal Carolina, 2nd round pick

Polumbus, Tyler, T, Colorado, No compensation

Tampa Bay
Barth, Connor, K, North Carolina, 2nd round pick

Lee, James, T, South Carolina State, 2nd round pick

Lynch, Corey, DB, Appalachian State, 6th round pick

Mack, Elbert, DB, Troy, No compensation

Okam, Frank, NT, Texas, 5th round pick

Spurlock, Micheal, WR, Mississippi, No compensation

Bailey, Patrick, LB, Duke, No compensation

Otto, Mike, T, Purdue, 7th round pick

Shaw, Tim, LB, Penn State, 5th round pick

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