Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Free agency, category six

Last and arguably least, are the category six free agents.  According to the NFL "[t]he players in category No. 6 may be signed with no rights of any character held by the Old Club.  There is no signing deadline applicable to these players" (as opposed to category five free agents who may be signed by any other team up and until September 3, 4:00PM EDT).

Here are the category six free agents:

Harris, Tuff, DB, Montana

Adams, Michael, DB, Louisiana-Lafayette

Broughton, Nehemiah, RB, Citadel

Dykes, Keilen, DT, West Virginia

Iwebema, Kenny, DE, Iowa

Maui'a, Reagan, RB, Hawaii

Sanders, Daniel, C, Colorado

Brohm, Brian, QB, Louisville

Ganther, Quinton, RB, Utah

Stupar, Jonathan, TE, Virginia

Aromashodu, Devin, WR, Auburn

White, Marvin, DB, Texas Christian

Adams, Titus, DE, Nebraska

Costanzo, Blake, LB, Lafayette

Greisen, Chris, QB, Northwest Missouri State

Nordin, Jake, TE, Northern Illinois

Smith, Kevin, RB, Central Florida

Green Bay
Bell, Josh, DB, Baylor

Hart, Mike, RB, Michigan

Richardson, Mike, DB, Notre Dame

Robinson, Gijon, TE, Missouri Western

Santi, Tom, TE, Virginia

Silva, Jamie, DB, Boston College

Smith, Bryan, DE, McNeese State

Kansas City
Leggett, Maurice, DB, Valdosta State

Haynos, Joey, TE, Maryland

Young, Albert, RB, Iowa

New Orleans
Dunbar, Jo-Lonn, LB, Boston College

Waters, Anthony, LB, Clemson

N.Y. Giants
Brown, Courtney, DB, Cal Poly

St. Louis
Butler, Quincy, DB, Texas Christian

Darby, Kenneth, RB, Alabama

Johnson, Curtis, LB, Clark Atlanta

San Diego
Beckwith, Darry, LB, Louisiana State

Latsko, Billy, RB, Florida

San Francisco
Patrick, Chris, T, Nebraska

Tampa Bay
Huggins, Kareem, RB, Hofstra

Allred, Colin, LB, Baylor

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