Friday, July 29, 2011

Two marginal players,
playing their way off the team

The following is from an article by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (emphasis added):

Tomlin emphasized that the traditional first-day running test Thursday was not a test. He called it a "conditioning evaluation."

'We don't know where these guys have been,' Tomlin said. "More than anything, we wanted to see where they are from a conditioning standpoint."

While Tomlin said it went "extremely well," there were several players who could not continue. Two of them were wide receiver Limas Sweed and running back Jonathan Dwyer, who looks as though he could play nose tackle. Adams and Casey Hampton also cut their number of runs short but likely were given a pass because of their ages.

There are no words to express the stunned feeling here regarding these two underachievers. Limas Sweed has been skating on very thin ice with his head coach ever since his dropped pass in the 2009 AFC Championship game versus Baltimore; a drop made all the worse by his unwillingness inability to get off the turf immediately thereafter. The guess here is that Kevin Colbert will bring in more wide outs, irrespective of what Plaxico Burress decides to do.

As for Jonathan Dwyer . . . he was a one camp wonder, and if he is not amongst the first cuts (on or about August 30) it will be a big surprise.

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