Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jacksonville vs. Steelers: Instant Analysis, third quarter


Just when you think the Steelers have figured things out, and are ready to begin playing at the level they achieved last season we see a horrible fifteen minutes of football that was the third quarter.

Offense:  Six offensive plays for 3 yards, and one first down.  Not exactly what one would call "setting the tone."

Defense:  Worse than pathetic.  An 18 play drive for a touchdown?  Maurice Jones-Drew is a phenomenal running back, but to allow the Jaguars to seize control of the game that way . . . we started having flashbacks to Baltimore and Houston.

Special teams:  Ryan Mundy is a fine player, but what a horrible penalty.  And Daniel Sepulveda's net punting average of 39 yards didn't help matters.

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