Sunday, October 02, 2011

Steelers @ Houston: Instant Analysis, first quarter

There are always Xs & Os that can be laid out when discussing a football game.  But in the first quarter of the game at Houston the simple, unvarnished, truth is that the Texans are being beaten up physically.  Indeed, if not for the Houston penalties the differences between these two teams would have been even more starkly revealed.

However, in addition to the general ineffectiveness of the defense ~ lack of physicality along the line, slow to the football, shoddy tackling ~ what stood out most in the first quarter was Chris Kemoatu's horrible play thus far.  He was incredibly slow off the snap, to the extent that twice a Houston defender hit him on the Steelers' side of the football.

There is a very long way to go in this game, and the Steelers have time to make adjustments; but you cannot coach toughness, and right now the Texans are bullying the Black & Gold all over the field.

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