Sunday, October 09, 2011

Tennessee Vs. Steelers: Instant analysis, first quarter

The first half of the quarter seemed very much like deja vu, all over again.  The long, scoring drive by Tennessee (more than six minutes in duration) was only half as long as the drive Houston put together last week; but every bit as painful to watch.

Penalties, sloppy tackling, and an inability to hold the point of attack had us thinking that it was going to be another long day.  But the three-and-out on Tennessee's second possession fives some cause for hope; and after a 20-yard romp on his first carry Chris Johnson was averaging fewer than two yards per on his subsequent five carries.

Meanwhile the offense did more than their fair share, driving smartly for a touchdown following an outstanding kick return by Antonio Brown.  The quick passes, and decisive running style of Issac Redman were a refreshing change from the weeks 1-4.

So far so good, with a long way to go.

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