Sunday, November 06, 2011

Baltimore vs. Steelers: Instant Analysis, first quarter

Until the complete pass to Heath Miller with 2:00 left in the quarter it wasn't at all clear that the Steelers would make a first down in the quarter.  Baltimore simply dominated the stat sheet; without lighting-up the scoreboard the way they did in week one.

As it was, Baltimore had the football for 11:23 to the Steelers 3:37, and was 5 for 7 (71.4%) on third down conversions.  Meanwhile, the Steelers' first possession ended prematurely as the they were unable to gain one yard after gaining nine on their first play.  Offensively, there's more room for improvement than can be covered here and now.

On the defensive side of the ball the Steelers' line appeared to be overpursuing far too much; and it was fortunate that players like James Harrison and Troy Polamalu were doing a solid job of staying home, and limiting the gains by Ray Rice and Ricky Williams.

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