Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2012 Schedule Snapshot

By now everyone knows the schedule is out; so here are some quick thoughts:

  • Two games against Baltimore in a three week time span?  Neither team is going to be feeling too well during those last four weeks.

  • Good thing the league limited each team to no more than five prime time games or else the Steelers might play all 16 under the lights.  As it is they only have six 1:00PM games the entire regular season.

  • The September 30 bye date is the earliest the Steelers have had since 2006 (10/01), and the first time they have been idle in the month of September since 2002 (09/22).

  • Weather-wise they catch a break by planning Denver in September; while they get the Chargers at home for a December game -- and a 1:00PM kickoff as well!