Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mike Tomlin Presser

Mike Tomlin's press conference underway, and he started things off by describing the win as a "gritty performance."

Ben Roethlisberger, shoulder sprain, or a "SC sprain" -- which he has no idea what that means.
Antonio Brown, questionable
Marcus Gilbert, questionable
Tory Polamalu, doubtful
Ryan Clark, seems ok but concussion evaluation on-going.
Rashard Mendenahll, questionable

Next week's opponent
Baltimore is the greatest team ever (okay, there is some editorial license there); and it seemed like Coach Tomlin mentioned every player on the Ravens roster as being an excellent/dangerous/emerging player.

Questions & Answers highlights
Ben's injury is a new injury, as opposed to something pre-existing.

Ryan Clark's concussion will play if he is cleared.

Practice protocol will not change because of the opponent.

Discussions may occur regarding the signing of another quarterback.

The backups are capable, and he is not concerned with their ability to perform.

As to Ben's mental state, "he is great."

The playbook may not change just because Byron Leftwich is playing.

He is not concerned with Leftwich being rusty.

Derrick Johnson played a great game.

Alameda Ta'amu  was waived in order to get the best players for the game.

Brett Keisel turned in a "timely performance."

The coaches focus on the healthy guys in preparing for games, and those will be the players who prepare.

The inability to convert a fourth down earlier in the game did influence his thinking later in the game (forth quarter).