Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What is an "SC" sprain?

Mike Tomlin described Ben Roethlisberger's shoulder sprain as an "SC sprain," and admitted to not knowing what that meant.  For coach, and everyone else, here is some information (emphasis added):

"Sternoclavicular (SC) joint injury consists of ligament trauma to the joint connecting the breastbone [sternum] and the collarbone [clavicle]). It is an uncommon injury.

When a ligament is subjected to acute strain, it may either stretch or tear, partially or completely. Such tearing of a ligament is known as a sprain and ranges from microscopic injury to complete disruption. This injury can occur either at its insertion on either bone, but most commonly occurs in its mid-substance. The sprain may result in partial joint displacement ('subluxation') or complete separation of the joint surfaces ('dislocatio'”). Displacement can occur either anteriorly (collarbone translates towards the front) or posteriorly (collarbone displaces towards the back)."

Non-operative treatment is a more common approach to treating the injury with "initial treatment [consisting] of ice, pain medication and sling immobilization."

Brett Favre suffered the same injury in 2010, and it was that injury that led to his consecutive games started streak of 297 games being broken.  In an article for ESPN.com one specialist pegged the recovery time at three weeks to three months (scroll down to #19).

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