Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's draft day!

A couple more mock drafts -- best to get them out now because the shelf life on these things is minimal -- for your consideration.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Mark Kaboly says it will be Kenny Vaccaro for the Steelers. What interests me about this mock draft is that Mr. Kaboly has both Sheldon Richardson, the DT from Missouri, and Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame still on the board when the Steelers make their selection.

Both Richardson and Eifert are evaluated as better athletes than Mr. Vaccaro, as well as being more impactful at the respective positions.  One cannot argue with Mr. Kaboly's thinking (i.e. with Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark both getting older it is time to bring in an eventual replacement), but emphasizing need over best athlete is how teams get into long-term trouble.

Meanwhile Mike Mayock at the NFL Network and has released his mock draft (on live television Wednesday evening no less), and he says the Steelers' choice will be Jarvis Jones (with Tyler Eifert at #13 to the Jets, Sheldon Richardson at #14 to Carolina, and Kenny Vaccaro going at #16 to the Rams.  That scenario makes the choice of Mr. Jones more sensible).

Last, but not least, the irascible Ed Bouchette  of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has released his mock draft (with only slightly less fanfare than Mr. Mayock), and he says the choice at #17 will be Jarvis Jones.  The shock, to us at least, about this mock draft is that Sheldon Richardson is nowhere to be found (i.e. he falls out of the first round).  Other aspects of Mr. Bouchette's mock draft have us wondering:
  • Sharif Floyd, DT, Florida, who most mock drafts have in the top five falls to #10 (Tennessee).
  • Eddie Lacy moves into the first round (#22, St. Louis).
  • Jonathan Cooper, an outstanding OG from North Carolina, falls to the Cowboys at #18.
  • Tyler Eifert falls to #30 (Atlanta).
Finally, we will just reiterate that our prediction for the Steelers is Tyler Eifert.

Enjoy the draft!

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