Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"League of Denial"

We have been blogging about the issue of concussions and their long-term affects amongst players of the National Football League for some time now, and so it will come as no surprise to readers here that we were very interested in "League of Denial," the most recent episode of PBS' outstanding series Frontline.

But nothing could have prepared us of the riveting, wrenching, and heartbreaking description of Mike Webster's post-NFL life.  Moreover, the story focuses intensely and intimately on the Pittsburgh Steelers as a microcosm of what has happened to former NFL players as the result of their play and what today's players may face in the future.

If you love the Steelers, and by extension the NFL, make the time to watch "League of Denial" online.

We also have the book of the same title (referenced in the Frontline piece) and will be sharing our thoughts soon.

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