Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The NFL flexes its political muscles

According to a Los Angeles Times report the National Football League, in collaboration with other professional sports leagues, have successfully lobbied the California state legislature to pass legislation that "significantly limits workers' compensation claims by pro players."

California Governor Jerry Brown signed that legislation into law on October 8, and is retroactive to September 15, 2013 (meaning that claims filed after that date are now invalid).

As the article points out, "because the NFL does not offer lifetime healthcare to its players, those who cannot file workers' compensation claims despite having legitimate injuries may be forced to pay for their own medical costs."

Only time will tell if the professional sports leagues will engage in a state-by-state strategy to limit themselves to workers' compensation exposure, but it also seems that the NFL is determined to see that the recent $765,000,000 payout to former players is the last of its kind.

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