Friday, December 05, 2014

Is it too early for mock drafts?

Having just paid an invoice for playoff tickets, we're hoping that the Steelers can get on another winning streak and have at least one playoff home game. However their recent play makes that seem a bit too optimistic, and the playoffs have never seemed more unlikely. With that in mind we share the first mock draft we've encountered.

According to this early projection the Steelers will draft Alabama safety Landon Collins in the 14th spot of round one. According to Mr. Collins is a "[w]ell-built athlete with light feet and fluid hips to change direction quickly. He's a forceful and reliable open-field tackler who often rips at the ball aggressively as he's taking opponents to the ground" who is projected as a first-round choice because of his ability to handle either strong- or free-safety positions.

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